Your future starts here

NxtGen is our training programme where we recruit and train the talent that will lead the future?


We train professionals through state-of-the-art training programmes and collaborate with universities, companies and corporations to design unique training itineraries for continuous development.

A unique training model oriented 100% to start a career in the technology sector and with the quality standards of the business sector.

Real leaders

Trust your future in the strength of the N Group, with a presence in more than 18 countries and 10 years of experience.

Train with the best

Technological references with experience in high-impact projects accompany you throughout the training period.

Learn by doing

100% orientation to the reality of work. Learn and grow with real projects in controlled environments.

Unique itineraries

Working professionals design and update the programmes with the most innovative and demanded technologies in the market.

Talent development programmes for companies

At Nxtgen we meet the talent needs of both our Group and our clients.


Ad Hoc

We study the needs of each company, we understand the uniqueness of their task force and we train professionals tailored to each one.

IT Profiles

IT Profiles

We bring in the most specific talent when an organisation needs it most, validating technical knowledge, personal skills and fit with the company.


Culture and

We start from the understanding and adaptation of the culture and values of each organisation, as one of the fundamental variables for the efficient management of human resources.

Your future starts here.

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