What is the Innovation Check?

The Innovation Check of the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja (ADER) is an aid designed to facilitate access to the different advanced innovation consulting services in products and processes for SMEs in La Rioja. Bosonit, more specifically, offers the elaboration of subsidy procedures for R+D+i projects, which involves the external expert consultancy of identification and definition of R+D+i projects for participation in aid programmes for R+D+i projects in ADER, CDTI, or other national calls.

In addition to the services offered by Bosonit, specialized in the definition and presentation of R+D+i projects, the ADER innovation check offers the following service areas:

  • Strategic Plans
  • Strategy in Innovation-Technology
  • Family Protocols
  • Wine Tourism Cheques
  • Connect Industry Challenges RIO4.0
  • R+D+i Standards
  • Assistances for the R+D+i
  • Patents
  • Subsidy for R&D projects
  • Management Standards
  • Excellence
  • Efficient Processes

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The Innovation Check covers the R&D&I project proposal preparation services offered by Bosonit Innovation for participation in ADER, CDTI, or other national calls.

Bosonit Innovation presents its offer “ADER Innovation Cheques” to help companies take advantage of this opportunity to present their innovative proposals through a package that includes:

  • Advice for the definition of the R&D project: strategic importance, scope, objectives and budget.
  • Preparation and presentation of the proposal for the ADER IDD call.
  • Processing of the file “Cheques Subsidy of R&D projects” associated.

In addition, Bosonit Innovation also makes its technical knowledge available to companies that wish to benefit from it by offering themselves as a partner or subcontractor of the R&D project presented.

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