Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning? How to predict and optimise business processes

Companies today are facing new challenges in digitalisation and great importance is being attached to data storageThis is the basis for subsequent exploitation at a business level and for making the right business decisions. At Bosonit, we come across a number of companies that are lost and do not know how to perform the exploitation of these data. With machine learning, valuable and predictive information can be obtained to make the right business decisions.

The machine learning o machine learning is a set of technologies that by making USE OF DATAThe process analysis tools, make it possible to make predictions and find patterns within a process in order to understand it better. In the business world, processes that can be studied are, for example, business organisation, process improvement, human resource optimisation or customer interaction. All of this allows the company to improve and optimise in order to become more competitive. Today, there are many examples of high-level companies that integrate machine learning successfully, becoming leaders in their field thanks to this type of technology.



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