Bosonit Big Data

We are pioneers in the implementation of the nearshoring model in differentiated technologies.


The Nearshoring model allows us to provide specialised services to our clients on more competitive terms and to attract local talent. A competitive advantage that is already part of our value proposition within the NFQ Group.

The Nearshoring model is based on the process outsourcing activity, in a nearby or neighbouring region, seeking to approach the processes of production to your market.

In the Nfq Group we have five centres Nearshore throughout Spain. Bosonit currently has operational centres in La RiojaPamplona, ZaragozaBilbao y Jaén.

Being geographically close to our clients, both parties benefit, as we provide continuous advice during the development of projects, guaranteeing fast delivery, cost optimisation, integration of specialised profiles and tailor-made solutions.

As a competitive advantage, our model of Nearshore allows us to apply and develop all our expertise in the different elements of the new value chain (Business, Process, Data y Tech) covering the entire project cycle, from the functional to the technological level. In addition, due to the current situation derived from COVID-19, our years of experience under this model have allowed us to position ourselves as reference supplier for our customers.

The combination of service provision On-site with services Nearshore is already a reality in about half of the new projects that are born at Bosonit.

To meet the needs demanded by the market, we have the necessary infrastructure and profiles to demonstrate our technological capabilities in:

  • Datafrom the definition of data governance programmes to the end-to-end implementation of data governance platforms. Business Intelligence.
  • Big Datadesign and implementation of architecture-based solutions Big Data.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Disruptive TechnologyThe new technology: it allows to increase efficiency and automate processes that require solutions based on new technologies.
  • Software development and digital assetsDesign, development and implementation of software applications.
  • UX/UI design: Design and conceptualisation of digital assets
  • Cloud Systemssystems with a high level of adaptability, easily scalable and with an optimal adjustment of resources.
  • CybersecurityMultidisciplinary team of professionals trained and certified in the different areas of cybersecurity that allow us to offer quality services adapted to the needs of the client.


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