Use case: R&D&I projects developed with ERDF funding

Bosonit is a company considered to be a high-tech company that invests heavily in R&D&I projects and in the generation of talent through the training and qualification of people. Thanks to the ERDF funds, destined to the so-called regional cohesion policy, which aim to support through strategic investments the creation of employment, business competitiveness, economic growth, sustainable development and the improvement of the quality of life of citizens in all regions and cities of the EU. Bosonit is currently benefiting from these funds through the co-financing of the following R&D&I projects supported by the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja (ADER).

It is also highly committed to knowledge transfer and collaborates regularly with companies and clusters from other sectors (in particular, it is a member of AERTIC, Food+i y AEI Automotive).



FIWAVE ENERGY: Digitisation of solar parks

We have developed a platform for the management and control of solar energy generation parks, to guarantee the efficiency of these installations. Main features:

  • Integrated open source platform, following European data standards and protocols FIWARE.
  • Access to the platform through any device with an internet connection via a web client to ensure availability and access at any time from anywhere, as well as usability.
  • Data collection from solar panels without the need for additional hardware, by integrating with existing devices in the farm independently of the physical installations.
  • Use of big data tools to search for patterns and extract knowledge from the data collected.


BOSOCOIN, corporate coins: Blockchain-certified human resources and work incentives tool

A blockchain-based system of monetary and motivational work incentives to increase employee satisfaction in the company. Rewards are linked to the profitability of the company's active projects, involving all employees in their success. Incentives are accounted and distributed in an automated, transparent, certified and auditable way.
This system can be used by any company or organisation, although it is best suited to those that are offshore and/or have a certain number of employees working on a project basis.

machine learning

Digital forecasting system for improved mushroom cultivation

Project coordinated by AERTIC, consisting of the development of a real-time forecasting system for the improvement of crop productivity. The project is based on the use of an ICT tool fed with historical cultivation and production data provided by other participants: humidity, temperature, harvesting times, amount of bloom, treatments applied, growth results, image analysis.
As can be seen, both the activity carried out by Bosonit and the projects in which it participates are perfectly in line with the ERDF priority axis of action "promoting research, technological development and innovation".

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