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IoT, blockchain & software robots

Emerging technologies to face new challenges in a connected world.

Latest generation technologies

We implement IoT systems and robot software to connect and robotize processes, and Blockchain technology to face new challenges. We have a team of developers and consultants with the ability to accelerate the digital transformation in any business. With experience with data: security, transformation, analysis and predictive systems.

Implementation of IoT and software robots to connect and robotize processes, Blockchain to face new challenges.

The digital revolution is changing the way we understand business, creating new challenges in making the right decisions in the business world. We deploy secure systems with Blockchain technology, automate processes with robot software and provide the industry with IOT systems.


Implementation of cutting-edge technology for a connected world.

We implement IoT technology in an integrated way with the various data platforms in the cloud or in proprietary systems.

We design, connect and monitor with IoT technology with different platforms to achieve interoperability of data and processes. With technologies that best suit your needs: LTE, NB-IoT, Bluetooth, 3G, LoRa, Sigfox, Wi-Fi. . .

Processes that can work continuously without the need for human intervention.


Blockchain implementation on public, private and allowed networks.

New transparency needs among distributed agents.

Expert techniques and consultants in the implementation of secure and distributed data storage systems with Blockchain in order to transform the business world, financial services, insurance and other sectors. Allowing to reduce costs, increase security in the execution of contracts and agreements. We deploy smart technology with contracts over networks: Etherum, Quorum, Alastria or Hyperledger.


Process robotics automation.

Global process automation.

Automation of human processes in software interface. Allowing to optimize labor costs and time to provide a better service. We produce software robots (RPA) such as: interaction bots, office data management, IT services, human resources, contract processes or call center. We have a certified team in Ulpath with experience in multiple projects.

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