Bosonit y Nterwith the collaboration of the International University of La Rioja (Unir), are launching a new programme of 30 scholarships nationwide, aimed at university and vocational training students with a technological profile. The aim is to facilitate the completion of the Master's Degree in Big Data applied to Digital Banking and Fintech. A training programme offered by UNIR and which, completely online, addresses specialised technology for the financial sector and insurance companies. In addition, from the first day they can enjoy paid internships, and upon completion, they have great chances of being hired at Bosonit and Nter.

This scholarship gives Master's students the opportunity to complete their training in a practical way for a period of 10 months. During this time they will be able to participate in high-impact projects that integrate technologies -such as Big Data, machine learning or blockchain- for the calculation of financial analysis or regulatory control processes in large companies such as Banco Santander, BBVA Sareb, RSI, Mapfre, Línea Directa, Generalli seguros or in the blockchain network Alastria.

A professional opportunity to differentiate yourself

At a time when data analytics-oriented technologies such as Business Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning are gaining prominence, it is worth investing in them. Their knowledge allows progress in the analysis of data that can better define the ideal strategy to predict future behaviours and favour those that improve business objectives.

For this reason, these grants for the Master's Degree in Big Data applied to Digital Banking and Fintech are an opportunity for technological talent to be better prepared to face the professional opportunities and new challenges of the digital transformation of companies and institutions.

A preparation in which there is no shortage of some of the most in-demand skills for specific Big Data roles, including AWS, Python, Hadoop, Spark, Cloudera, MongoDB, Hive, Tableau and Java. Hybrid profiles, where people have a broader IT knowledge rather than specialised skills, will also be in high demand.

Trajectory of Bosonit and Nter.

Companies created by the entrepreneur Miguel Fernández Morales, Bosonit began its journey in 2015 and Nter in 2018. They already have a workforce of more than 120 people and, thanks to talent management, they have a turnover of less than 2%. They are committed to promoting talent with a training plan in which they have already invested more than 300,000 euros.

They are headquartered in Logroño and have development centres in Zaragoza, Madrid, Bilbao, London and soon in Jaén. They have expert consultants in data analytics with cutting-edge technologies such as big data, data visualisation and artificial intelligence. Nter is a company specialising in software development, implementation of cloud systems and use of cutting-edge technologies such as Internet of Things and software robots to connect and automate processes. It has a team specialised in the deployment of secure systems with Blockchain technology, advanced data analytics and predictive models to improve business decision-making.

About UNIR

The International University of La Rioja (UNIR) is an official university, 100% online, privately owned and managed, which offers degrees that are fully valid in Spain and in the European Higher Education Area. It is based on a unique pedagogical model with an efficiency guaranteed by the more than 60,000 students who, since its inception, have chosen it to carry out their studies and a faculty that seeks the highest quality and academic excellence. UNIR applies technological leadership to university education through live online classes and a pioneering virtual campus. Students receive live online classes, more than 1,600 online classes are taught weekly. Students have a tutor who accompanies and helps them throughout their degree and a virtual campus with the most innovative technology and the academic resources they need. UNIR currently has 34,112 students, of which 12,443 are international; 2,647 employees (including 1,523 teachers and researchers). It offers 210 degrees (37 Bachelor's Degrees, 80 Master's Degrees, 77 UB-specific degrees and 16 Advanced Studies).

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