Nworld in La Rioja is Bosonit, Elliot Cloud, The Wick and NxtGen.

More from 300 professionals work from our community.
It develops around the advanced technologies and innovation.

It makes a firm commitment to the talent Rioja.

Churchyard (1)
Cafeteria (2)
terrace 2 (1)

Bosonit promotes the construction of the new High Performance Centre for Advanced Technologies to be located in the Old Quarter of the capital of La Rioja.

Cafeteria (2)
terrace 2 (1)
A space unique and multifunctional with offices, training rooms, innovation laboratory, business incubator and student residence.

The project respects and revitalises the Old Town and is integrated into the Camino de Santiago.

With the signature of the architect Kengo Kuma.

5.500 m2 of usable built area and more than 2.200 m2 of public space for use by the city, including a panoramic terrace free access that creates a new view of the city of Logroño.


The project conceives all its open spaces as an ascending succession of green areas open to the public: from the inner courtyard at street level to its panoramic roof gardens.


Javier Villar, architect and partner at Kengo Kuma & Associates.