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Debt servicing management platform for Haya Real Estate



Who are Haya Real Estate?

Haya Real Estate is the benchmark company in the Spanish credit and real estate asset management market, thanks to a 360º service that covers the global management of assets, from the origination of the debt to the marketing of the properties. They manage the largest portfolio of REDs in Spain and market more than 15,000 properties per year through their real estate portal. beech.co.uk.

The challenge

The challenge was to facilitate Haya's management and dialogue with third parties, requiring the implementation of digital assets with user experience implementation to keep the learning curve to a minimum, for the management of files, customer and supplier reporting, territorial management and debtors.

Scope and limitations

Currently, the out-of-court recovery process is supported by an ad hoc solution developed in an office environment, which hinders the active management and evolution of the model, so an end-to-end application of the entire out-of-court process is proposed.


Roles and competences

Our professionals have a mixed profile, with business understanding skills and user experience expertsThe company is capable of translating these requirements into a technological solution, acting as a hinge between business and technology areas, aspect that we consider critical to the success of the project.

Process carried out

Business teams, business experts from NFQ and UX UI experts design from Bosonitworked for 6 months in working sessions.

  • Co-creation sessions.
  • Proto journey.
  • User workflow.
  • Screen structure and user tests.
  • Interactive prototyping with flexibility for testing and modification.

Targets achieved


The FENIX project has had a final result of branding design of the FENIX application, design, development and deployment of four tools:

  • Debt management application.
  • Customer web portal.
  • Debtors' web portal.
  • Mobile APP.

The application and the brand Fenix has been registered for marketing as a debt portfolio management product at European level.


This project has enabled us to increase our experience in the development of business solutions as specific as REAL ESTATE with an ad hoc solution, cognitive design, improved user experience and software development, providing end-to-end differential value.

Congratulations to the FENIX UX/UI team!



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