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Nearshore Model

Specialists in nearshoring

Every company stores a large amount of data with great potential value on a daily basis or has to face challenges in the development of specific solutions in the digital transformation. Difficulty in analysis, technical limitations and lack of the required skills make it necessary to hire external profiles specialised by area of knowledge.


A competitive technology consultancy model that is agile and adapted to each client.


Cost optimisation

We offer qualified personnel to
an unbeatable cost in the

Specialised profiles

Specialised human resources with extensive experience, which translates into increased competitiveness.


Fast project start-up

We start projects quickly, offering agility and easy adaptation.

Circle nearsore

Tailor-made solutions

We facilitate innovative tailor-made projects and ensure the achievement of our clients' objectives.

nearshore triangle

Growing together

We take on organisational functions, manage resources and grow business value.

Open circle nearshore

Advice and innovation

Our team will guide you through each project with different tools and innovation aids.

Closed projects

We commit ourselves to the execution of specific tasks for a specific purpose within a fixed period of time.

Ongoing Services 

We accompany our clients for continuous periods of time, offering them various services to optimise the performance of their digital assets.

Implant Profiles

Exclusive availability and continuous attention (either in person or remotely) of one or more of our profiles.

Elabs Equipment

We are responsible for structuring, managing and promoting teams specially formed to be a cell within the organisational structure of our client in projects that involve the involvement of profiles from different areas of expertise that must create synergies between them to achieve a common goal.

We transmit knowledge.

Data management, business intelligence, big data, advanced analytics and IoT

Cloud architectures and tools, microservices, SCM, pipeline design, integration and continuous delivery.

Cybersecurity strategy and cybersock. Audits and ethical hacking.

Front and back end development, mobile app, UX UI and business process automation

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