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Artificial intelligence

We implement intelligent predictive systems to each process, for efficient and sustainable use.

We amplify the power to discover, understand and make valuable decisions for each business.

The capabilities of artificial intelligence applied to data, improve the performance of people and processes. At Bosonit we integrate multiple statistical and mathematical methods, using artificial intelligence processes with market tools and Opensource, creating optimized business solutions that help increase productivity, open up new possibilities and meet changing business needs.
Our artificial intelligence solutions rely on the most functional tools together with the knowledge of our constantly evolving professionals:
     Advanced Analytics - The data can be exploited beyond the value that traditional business intelligence brings, getting a more complete view of the present and future of the business. Anomaly detection, pattern detection, profile segmentation.
     Machine learning – It is always interesting to learn more about the business being able to obtain prescriptions or forecasts for each situation, the better if it is automatic. Future predictions, fraud detection, risk estimation.
     Natural language processing, NLP -Humans communicate using natural language, but it is necessary to interpret it in order to get value. Transcription of spoken speech, semantic interpretation of texts, OCR.
     Social Reputation - It costs a lot to build and maintain a brand, but it is possible to streamline and optimize it. Social network analysis, sentiment analysis, reputational risk management.
     Artificial vision - Many processes depend on a correct interpretation of images. People recognition, pattern detection, image classification.
     Big Data Science – Once large amounts of stored data are obtained, efficient and scalable processes are needed to extract these value. Analysis and processing of audiovisual content, real-time predictions, stratified analyzes.
     Automation and Optimization - In business day to day, there are many processes and tasks that are far from optimal or are susceptible to automation. Software robots, logistics optimization, optimization schedules and tasks.

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