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Bosonit Agile Center

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Big Data.

We design, deploy, secure and integrate architectures based on Big Data, under Cloud and On premise solutions.

Covering new needs.

The Big Data paradigm has gone from being a novelty to becoming a commodity for many companies. Although tools are constantly being added to its ecosystem, its base, Hadoop, is consolidated today, allowing to solve the new emerging needs in that digital moment.

We bring the potential to transform your business with Big Data technology.

The success of Bosonit and the projects it undertakes is the result of the quality of our staff professionals, which in turn is the main differentiating element with the market. In addition to this, the philosophy of constant training that prevails in the company is essential to keep abreast of the technologies that revolutionize this digital era.

With developments based on the Big Data paradigm, at Bosonit we provide a solution, fundamentally, to the following needs:

     Improved processes, which are more complex, more powerful and more simple.
      Reduction of processing times.
      Integration of multi-structured data from diverse sources.
      Advanced analytical developments based on ML (predictive, prescriptive).
      License cost savings.

We provide solutions with:


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