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UX UI design for the rental management and tenant portal for Haya Real Estate.

The challenge

We undertook our second project with Haya Real Estate for the design of an application for the complete management of the rental process of the company's real estate assets. In addition, the web design of the portal of the tenant where you can complete the entire rental contract signing process, such as contracting a service, making payments or checking your rental.

Scope and limitations

Currently, they do not have a tool for the management of the process, therefore, the functional team of Grupo N, experts in Real Estate, centralised the requirements in a functional document for the conceptualisation of the tool. The user flow is carried out in different co-creation sessions with the skateholders of the project.


Roles and competence

Our professionals have a mixed profile, with business understanding skills and user experience expertsare able to translate these requirements into a technological solution. This acts as a hinge between business and technology, aspect that we consider critical to the success of the project.

Process carried out

Business teams, NFQ business experts and Bosonit UX UI design experts, worked for 3 months to carry out:

  • Co-creation sessions.
  • Proto journey.
  • User workflow.
  • Screen structure and user testing.
  • Interactive prototyping with flexibility for testing and modification.

Targets achieved


A user experience design developed in joint co-creation sessions of different business areas of Haya RE. Thanks to this work, the following has been achieved conceptualise an easy and intuitive tool that allows the different managers of rent formalisation, debt claims and maturities and iterate with a tool that centralises all the processes..

In parallel and in an integrated circuit with the management portal, it will be designs the tenant's portal for consultation and contracting of rental services in Beechwood.


Once again, we managed to conceptualise a tool with a broad navigation architecture, gaining experience in the specific business process of Real Estate.



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