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We turn IT systems into reality to manage business processes. 

Customised development in environments with all types of technologies and frameworks. We integrate with the client's work teams in Agile and Scrum methodologies.

This type of development results in a significant improvement in the efficiency and agility of business processes, which has a direct impact on increased competitiveness. We develop migration engines for obsolete technologies, implement development tools and adapt them to the workflows of each client. We have a team of experts and trainers in full-stack, Java, Phyton and .Net technologies.


At Bosonit we study the state of each client's system, integrating custom-outsourcing, with proposals for the organisation, renovation or updating of their information systems and technological platforms.

High level of front-end and back-end expertise

We implement developments in Full Stack applications with high productivity and with a technical team that provides corrective, preventive and reactive support. We use LAMP technologies, with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP or MEAN with MongoDB, Express, Angular and NodeJS. We use Ionic and Electron to provide cross-platform solutions.

Rapid deployment, secure and reliable programming

Development of customised applications in Java language through specialised teams implementing the ideal solution in any imaginable environment.

Versatile and versatile programming in Python

Highly specialised in Python languages, able to implement software development, web, networking, data processing and artificial intelligence.

Deployment of .Net applications

This specialisation in web services and application development allows us to offer the right mix of standard solutions and custom developments, using the full power of the .NET architecture and application suite.

How do we help our clients?

Front-end development
and back-end

Migration engines for obsolete technologies

Implementation of
development tools

Adaptation of

Technologies that
we apply


We transmit knowledge.

Data management, business intelligence, big data, advanced analytics and IoT

Cloud architectures and tools, microservices, SCM, pipeline design, integration and continuous delivery.

Cybersecurity strategy and cybersock. Audits and ethical hacking.

Front and back end development, mobile app, UX UI and business process automation

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