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ELLIOT CLOUD: IoT Platform Application Design and Branding


At Elliot CloudThey have been able to connect a multidisciplinary team with a great knowledge of technologies applied to the world of data, specialising in IoT and advanced analytics, combined with emerging technologies.

In addition, they work together with your company's stakeholders to understand your company's pain points and gain an in-depth understanding of your current business environment in order to offer specialised solutions.

The challenge

is born Elliot Cloud as an IoT-enabled platform for capturingThe project is based on the use, transformation and analysis of data in different sectors. Therefore, in this in-house project, the challenge is to design of the branding to accompany the digital productIoT platform user experience design and market launch. All of this is supported by the Marketing and Sales department. UX UI Design.

Scope and limitations

An initial briefing is proposed that will vary throughout the process, as needs are detected in the market and as the verticals and personalisation of the product grow. 


Roles and competence

Our professionals with a mixed profile have business understanding skills and user experience experts. They are also capable of translating these requirements into a technological solution. In this way, they act as a hinge between business and technology, aspect that we consider critical to the success of the project.

Process carried out

The launch of Elliot Cloud enabled us to develop a extensive work plan with different stakeholders, so we gained a broad understanding of the needs in different co-creation sessions.

  • Qualitative contextual research with stakeholders.
  • Site map.
  • Proto journey.
  • User workflow.
  • Screen structure and user testing.
  • Interactive web prototype and data management application, with flexibility for testing and modification.

Targets achieved


Elliot Cloud, today, is a company with exponential growth. which is supported by the following tools designed and conceptualised to assist in this process.

  • Design of branding and graphic material.
  • Responsive/mobile first web design: ElliotCloud.com
  • UX UI design of the data management application for the following verticals: water, solar, industry, buildings and cities.

As part of the design of the application for its water vertical, a prototype was made for the public water management company in Brazil, SABESPone of the largest in the world.


This project, which has enabled the acquisition of business and design know-how for sectors within the corporate sphere and with disruptive technologies such as IoT.

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