Tech Breakfast: Digitise INDUSTRY with Big Data and FIWAVE, discover the value of data in decision making

On Tuesday, 30 April at 10:30 a.m. in the Aula de Formación del Ayuntamiento, C/ Margubete s/n (next to the Juzgado), we are organising a technological breakfast/day where we will try to shed some light on the hackneyed term '...'.Big Data': trying to define it, to explain why it has emerged in recent years, and to explain why it has emerged in recent years. the different uses of Big Data within the business environment.
In addition, we will show participants how to digitalise industrial companies with FIWAVE, a platform developed with tools from a European Commission programme, which makes it possible to connect infrastructures, extract and analysing production data. Greater integration of data from different sources can improve efficiency, speed up production processes and most importantly: reduce costs or increase profits.

This conference aims to serve as an introduction to the different companies that want to take a step forward in their digitalisation strategy, so that they can discover the value of their data and the differentiating factor that it represents with respect to their competition. Successful cases will also be presented, aimed at the target audience of this conference, so that participants can identify possible uses of these technologies for their companies.

Presentation of the day

  •     What is Big Data and what is it for?
  •     Why is it emerging now? (Chronology and technological factors).
  •     Differences between their forms of implementation: Cloud and on-premises. Which one is right for my company?
  •     FIWAVE, a platform for connecting infrastructures, extracting and analysing productive data.
  •     Integration with SCADA, ERP and other sources, real-time data analysis and visualisation.
  •     ADER innovation cheque for projects, pilots and feasibility studies.
  •     Success stories How can I apply this type of solution to my company?
  •     Questions and Answers


This initiative, in which Bosonit participates, is promoted by the Federation of Companies of La Rioja (FER), together with the Office of Digital Transformation of La Rioja.



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