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Data visualization.

We are specialized in converting data into information and converting it into valuable insights.

We convert the data into valuable information.

Every company stores a large amount of data daily with great potential value. However, this value has been overlooked for a long time. The difficulty in the analysis, the technical limitations, and the lack of the required skills have prevented it from reaching the business users. In the Visualization & Analytics department we extract all the value of your data and we solve your company's real problems with the use of Business Intelligence.
We offer effective, secure and flexible comprehensive visualization and analytics solutions to convert data into useful information, covering from the connection with your databases to your visualization and reports.

Business Intelligence Platforms (BI) they allow BI to be created by providing capabilities in three categories: analysis, report creation and dashboards: platform integration and BI metadata management and in a development environment.

Self Service. You can immerse yourself in your data and explore in any direction, discovering new business needs as you go.

These solutions offer an effective, secure and flexible comprehensive platform to convert data into useful information, covering from the connection with your databases to visualization and reports:

     Simplicity: Simple visualization through graphs and interactive tables.
     Business intelligence: Creation of dashboards and panels for the compression and analysis of your data.
     Infraestructures: Installation of infrastructure in clusters for optimal use of technologies, both in "on premise" or cloud.
     Customization: Creation of customized solutions according to your business area and specific needs of your company.
     Accessibility: Access to your applications anywhere, anytime and device.
     Integrity: Possibility of integrating and exploring multiple data sources in a single application.
     Geospatial data: Visualization and analysis of geospatial data.
     Reports: Creation of dynamic reports adapted to the different business areas.
     Anomalies: Detection of anomalies or errors in the data.

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