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Bosonit Agile Center.

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Data management.

We integrate and model your information system to generate new business opportunities.
We apply new models of architecture and governance that allow us to capitalize the data.

The business world is a very dynamic environment. Every day new business opportunities arise and information systems are the true Achilles’ Heel of organizations.
We implement data quality management and improvement systems as a key asset for our clients, both in traditional information systems and in high-level business processes.

At Bosonit, we believe that traditional methods of data management are still important, but new practices for flow processing and data quality need to be implemented. We help define the best strategy for data transformation and integration, governance and monitoring:
     Data transformation and integration.  Improve, model, unify and optimize the data storage system.
     Data governance.  Definition and implementation of a functional systems policy that audits all the management data of a company.
     Monitoring.  The implementation of data monitoring offers information that allows a complete analysis to define strategies and make decisions.

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