Miguel Fernández is the founder of Bosonit, a technology consultancy firm that works for Mapfre, Bankia and Sacyr.

Miguel Fernández Morales was working in London at a data analysis company when he was commissioned to work on a project in India. "There I realised that housing prices had gone up, that salary costs had increased and that offices were more expensive than before", explains Fernández, who adds: "I thought that for a long time India had been a good country for offshoring technology projects, but that perhaps it was beginning to be more profitable to have teams close to the European companies that contract this type of technology consultancy". Thus was born Bosonit, a company based in Logroño, which today has offices in London, Bilbao, Zaragoza and Madrid.

Miguel Fernández was working in London when he decided to return to Logroño to found Bosonit.

This company, which specialises in data analytics, helps other companies design, build, improve and optimise information systems by incorporating data analysis and visualisation techniques that can be applied to all departments. "The area of data analysis has been very focused on sales. Many companies have worked with data to sell more, but they must also analyse internal data, those that help you increase productivity or gain profitability," says Bosonit's founder and CEO.

Data analysis improves the internal processes of companies and all companies, large, medium and small, will have to analyse and enhance the value of their data.

So the team led by Miguel has worked for large companies from different sectors such as Mapfre, Santander, Bankia, Santa Lucía, Sacyr and Grupo Eroski, El Corte Inglés, and even city councils such as San Sebastián, Gijón, Copenhagen (Denmark) or Helsinki (Finland). "Large corporations have their own data analysis departments and only hire our services for specific projects. It is the medium-sized companies that have to make a greater effort if they do not want to become uncompetitive. In general, they don't have teams dedicated to data analysis and need consulting services like ours," confirms Fernández, who assures that "data analysis techniques improve the internal processes of companies and all of them, large, medium and small, will have to analyse and add value to their data".

To achieve this, Fernández believes it is important that Spain invests in digital talent. Since its foundation, Bosonit has financed eighteen scholarships and incorporated thirty students in paid internships, with an investment of more than 300,000 euros in training and innovation. In addition, in the coming months it will launch a call for applications for sixteen scholarships for master's degrees endorsed by the UNIR, grants that include training in big data for digital banking and the insurance sector, cloud systems and process management for digital transformation. "We are behind China and the United States in the development of new tools to analyse data, but we are not so far behind when it comes to the practical application of the systems that are already on the market. All companies in the sector and all public institutions must make an effort to develop digital talent in Spain," concludes Miguel.

Article published in the Expansión newspaper, digital economy on 28 May 2019.



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