Angulas Aguinaga entrusts its Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse to Bosonit


Why did you contact Bosonit?

On the recommendation of one of our historical clients, we were contacted from the department of Business Intelligence from Angulas Aguinaga. From this area we have been asked to support both the maintenance of the existing Data Warehouse and the expansion and development of its tool. Business Intelligence.

The objective was to improve the reporting capability, improve the performance of the loads, as well as to achieve system enhancement, scalability and automation of all processes. The new functional modules that were requested covered the Purchasing, Sales-Cost and Production Consumption sectors, however, discussions are already underway to continue the collaboration with new projects and modules.

What tools have been used?

Within the Business Intelligence, the following have been encompassed ETL as well as modelling and subsequent visualisation. All of this has been done using the Microsoft BI suite (SSIS, SSAS, Power Business Intelligence, Power Pivot).

Use of Business Intelligence in the project

  • Evolution of the BDWThe BDW: allows you to add more execution capacity, especially for tasks executed with Microsoft technologies (SSIS, SSAS, tabular models), Excel and Power Business Intelligence and to continue with the functional evolution of your BDW.
  • Excel Power Pivot visualisationThe DWH: allows the integration of external data from different suppliers in Aguinaga's internal DWH for its future exploitation through Excel.
  • Riunione data integrationThe DWH: allows the integration of external data from Riunione. Specifically, four tables, two dimensions and two fact tables, will be integrated in the internal DWH of Aguinaga.


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