Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things... We are living through a digital revolution that is changing everything at breakneck speed. Companies are rushing to keep up to date in order not to lose competitiveness and the demand for digital profiles is increasing. It is an opportunity for the future in a sector that is constantly growing and in which, little by little, more and more women are joining. At Bosonit, it is clear to us: we cannot afford to waste half the talent.

That's why the role of women is key in our team. When Bosonit was founded in 2015, there was only one woman on the staff. Three years later, there were nine, and today there are 47. The number of women working in this large family has doubled every year.

We want to show that technology is not a man's business. It is true that it has traditionally been a highly masculinised sector, but we are willing to break that gender barrier. Prejudices and stereotypes surrounding the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) sectors mean that girls do not opt for scientific careers. In addition, there is a lack of successful female technology role models. At Bosonit we want to break all these false beliefs.

It has been proven that more diverse teams are more innovative, competitive and resilient. And we see it here every day, with a new generation of women breaking through and raising their voices. Working as consultants, web developers, designers, marketing or human resources experts, they are a clear example that women can also be techies and also want to be part of the team that will reinvent the future.

We are infinitely grateful for the collaboration of the Bosonit team in the making of this video and especially to Ana Castellanos of Radio RiojaCadena SER, for contributing their voice "Together we are reinventing the future".



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