Bosonit company selected as the only Spanish company for the 'AI 50 Campaign' programme at the largest annual trade fair for the Smart City Summit & Expo Asia, which will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, from 26-29 March, and is expected to welcome more than 2,000 foreign visitors from over 50 countries.

The 2019 edition of this leading trade fair in the Asian market plans to give greater value to smart city solutions based on artificial intelligence, introducing a diversity of up-to-date technologies and future prospects. This year it also extends its themes through sub-exhibitions including education, construction, health and mobility.

Participation in this important fair follows Bosonit's participation in 2018 in the China+Cerca technology mission promoted by the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja as a node of the Enterpise Europe Network, which also included participation in the COMPUTEX 2018 fair in Taipei. China+Cerca is part of the ADER's initiatives to promote the scarce participation of companies from La Rioja in the Asian market, as well as the informative workshop Taiwan: Gateway to Asia. Business opportunities and strategic advice, to be held on Thursday 21 February at 09:00 at the Technology Centre of La Rioja. A great opportunity to learn about the opportunities offered by this market.

Bosonit and the 'Select for Cities' project

Bosonit is endorsed by its experience and participation in the 'SELECT for Cities' project within the programme. Horizon 2020whose objective has been to develop an IoE (Internet of Everything) platform for the cities of Copenhagen, Antwerp and Helsinki. The Internet of Everything, a natural evolution of the Internet of Things, is recognised as one of the technologies that are transforming the way we live in our urban environments.

Bosonit has applied technologies such as Big Data, Web Analytics, Machine Learning y Data Visualisationintegrating FIWARE technology to design and build the platform. FIWARE is a European open source, reusable and sustainable platform, which has established itself as a standard for the implementation of public sector solutions, facilitating the development of new smart applications in multiple domains.
Bosonit belongs to the Ihub Fiware Rioja together with JIG Internet Consulting. This collaborative Ihub offers consulting and dissemination services for technology-based projects. FIWAREThe training for organisations interested in learning more about the benefits.




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