Bosonit participates in the MotoStudent project at the University of La Rioja

Bosonit has reached an agreement to participate in the UniRioja Project - MotoStudent. The initiative, an active collaboration project through the contribution of resources and development together with a team from the UR (University of La Rioja). A system for remote monitoring and telemetry of the different parameters of the motorbike, integrating them into the Fiwave platform.

What is FIWAVE?

FIWAVEThe 'Select for Cities' project, an open-source platform based on FIWARE technology for data management, monitoring and analytics, originated from our participation in the implementation of the project 'Select for Cities', a European project of the Horizon 2020 programme, for the implementation of IoT technology for Smart City, in the cities of Helsinki, Antwerp and Copenhagen. It has been reconverted for different sectors, especially for the industrial sector.
It does not use proprietary hardware: it is a software solution capable of integrating with existing devices and data sources, with integration capabilities and data visualisation in real time. It helps in the decision making for the future of the company and in the improvement of production processes.
An efficient solution, to distribute the computing load between devices, using encrypted communications and credentials.



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