On 10 November, we received the SME of the Year Award in La Rioja at the awards ceremony organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Banco Santander in collaboration with Diario La Rioja to give visibility to the daily efforts of entrepreneurs and their contribution to the economic development of our region.

In addition, we have received a special mention, a runner-up prize for the training and employment career of the #talentoIT. This award was collected by our CEO, Miguel Fernandez Morales y María Díez ArnáizHead of Talent Recruitment at #Bosonit.

Miguel has reflected: "This award, after 5 years of existence, is not only for our trajectory, but it is also an award for the people who form Bosonit, what we really are today".

María Diez shared our background and values, what we are today and our human resources policy:

Bosonit was born 5 years ago with the vocation of helping companies to extract value from an asset that is common today, data. However, our value process has always gone in two directions, one towards the client and the other, key, towards our employees. Their value is our value, because Bosonit is people.

The growth that Miguel was talking about, and which today makes us a benchmark in La Rioja, would not have been possible without the four pillars that form the backbone of our company: talent, a culture of meritocracy, innovation and hard work.

Bosonit was born from the idea of talent, a value that we have taken further with selection and training processes that seek out people's innate abilities, in order to enhance them and bring them to their fullest expression. These processes involve not only central departments, but the entire organisation: our colleagues actively participate in the development of juniors through technological training, but also of values and transversal competencies. This talent materialises in ambitious career plans, which can lead all the way up to the company's management.

And we are especially proud to emphasise and highlight the talent that exists in our land, La Rioja. In this way, we give young people from our region the opportunity to have access to high-level projects, without having to leave. This has even led us to repatriate to our land people who never wanted to leave.

The value of talent information has also led us to design a complex merit-based promotion process, far removed from the old tenure systems. We are sure that our employees will want to grow with us, so the doors are open to the challenges they want to face. This culture, and our values, has led us to have a very low turnover and a team known for its cohesion.

This philosophy has been the result of the brilliant work of our colleagues, which our clients have been able to appreciate. The good work of our consultants, together with the excellence of their work with our clients, has led them to trust us and to propose increasingly innovative challenges. The solutions created with the most cutting-edge technology, in which our consultants are trained every day, have made us strong and recognised in the most influential technological fields in the country.

Today, Bosonit is what it is thanks to the talent of the people who make up the entire organisation, the enormous hard work that has been behind all these years, with values that are shared from the first to the last of our consultants. Today's recognition is for all of them.

Thank you very much  



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