Bosonit strengthens its partner programme with Palo Alto Networks

At Bosonit, we encourage involvement, alliance and added value in our services by combining knowledge and skills with our partners. Today's businesses need an ecosystem that addresses the increasingly complex and long-lasting problems that put today's customers at risk.

New generation security platform

That's why we work with partners to deliver, manage and integrate next-generation security platforms to make threat prevention a reality.

The goal with our partner is to provide access to innovative and ground-breaking technologies that enable our customers to differentiate themselves as much as possible and develop sustainable security practices.

More and more clients are looking for a trusted advisor who can provide a security platform that provides a high degree of threat prevention at all stages of the attack lifecycle.

What is Palo Alto NetWorks?

Palo Alto Networks is a cybersecurity which is innovating and completely transforming the world of information security for companies.

Palo Alto's goal is to enable its customers' businesses to grow by providing their employees with all the information and protection they need to go about their daily business without compromising the company's information.



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