Zurracapoteconf 2022

Bosonit participates in the Zurracapoteconf 2022 Devfest

The Zurracapoteconf 2022 is the heir to "DevFest La Rioja", the event organised annually by GDG La Rioja until 2018 (Google Developers Group), reinvented to be more participative and organised with the community groups of "La Rioja Tech Alliance", offering more capacity, content and quality. Are you going to miss it?

Zurracapoteconf 2022 will be held on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 March.

It is the biggest event of the year for technology professionals, students and enthusiasts to come together to exchange ideas, collaborate and learn. Meet the organisers.

The objectives of Zurracapoteconf 2022 are focused on disseminating ICTs, encouraging their use, promoting knowledge of free software, boosting the Riojan ICT business sector, offering a constructive, instructive and participative leisure alternative, as well as encouraging communication between computer enthusiasts and new technologies in general.

Agenda Zurracapoteconf 2022

Friday 4 March:

In addition to the conferences, Zurracapoteconf 2022 brings together technology professionals and enthusiasts in a wide-ranging programme of activities starting on Friday 4 in the afternoon.

  • 16:30 Battle of Sabres (Beat Saber game contest, with virtual reality glasses): First contest with inverse VR technology in La Rioja: the first event with Facebook META technology in La Rioja will take place, where we will be able to see and participate for free in a 360 degree immersive experience, in which we will become a "Jedi" or a "Sith", and will allow us to compete among different users.
  • 19:00 Film "Pirates of Silicon Valley". (short introduction and film): the film "Pirates of Silicon Valley" will be shown; a classic film about technology that tells the story of the big companies Apple and Microsoft, their competition and how synergies also arose between them.

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Saturday 5 March (Talks):

Zurracapoteconf 2022 proposes a series of top-level technical conferences given by professionals, covering topics such as cloud infrastructure, data and artificial intelligence and new mobile devices. All of them will take place in the auditorium of Ibercaja in c/ Portales nº1 from 9:00 to 15:00.

  • Gema Arnaiz, Senior Software Engineer at Allianz Direct and co-organiser of GDG Burgos: Terraform, the philosopher's stone of AWS. Gema will show us the world of Terraform and how we can use the AWS public cloud for our projects.
  • Celia Lozano Grijalba, Tech Lead at Bosonit, with extensive experience in data management, statistics and AI, since 2021 he is a member of the Committee of the Spanish Association of Artificial Intelligence. What data can do for us. Celia will explain the potential of knowing how to handle data, and how it can solve even more questions than we thought we had. 
  • Carmen AnsioUX Engineer at Mango: Super Mario Path, Carmen will reveal the mysteries of SVG animations.
  • Jesús Olazagoitia, Frontend developer at Clever Ads, organizer of the WordPress Logroño meetup and author of several plugins for WordPress: Squeezing JavaScript to build a visual editor in the browser. Jesús is going to show us the wonders that can be done on the web, on this occasion: how to build a visual editor in the purest Figma or Penpot style.
  • Miriam García Toledo, Graphic Designer and UX Master at SDi Digital Group: Responsive, is your website really usable on mobile? Miriam comes to take the colours out of those websites that are not responsive, and to show us how to solve it.
  • Víctor Carreras,  Teach Lead in native mobile applications at Hiberus from Zaragoza and responsible for the Mobile area in La Rioja: HarmonyOS and the new Huawei services. Víctor has a lot to tell us about mobile development with HarmonyOs, the operating system developed by Huawei. 
  • Juan Tomás GarcíaChief Envisioning Officer at SNGULAR, GDE of Cloud and Machine Learning, co-author of the book "La Pastilla Roja" and creator of "AbadIA", an AI platform that solves the famous Spanish game "La Abadía del Crimen"..: AI is MagIA, Juan Tomás wants to surprise us by uniting the traditional magic of cards with the novel magic of Artificial Intelligence. 

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What are DevFests?

They are large-scale, world-renowned events, run by the community for the community. All DevFests are fuelled by the belief that when developers come together to exchange ideas, amazing things can happen.

It also belongs to the new stream of "Open event" communities such as Lechazoconf, Tarugoconf, Pulpoconf, BilboStack and others.



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