World Creativity and Innovation Day

World Creativity and Innovation Day

This 21 April marks the celebration of the World Creativity and Innovation Day. In the month of April, Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most innovative and creative minds in history, was born. Canadian advertising designer Marci Segal was the driving force behind the creation of this day. 

At Bosonit we celebrate the World Creativity and Innovation Day, especially because of our commitment to innovation, one of the pillars of our DNA: we prioritise in our services the development of strategic plans of R&D&IWe encourage open innovation processes by means of the digitisationand we apply disruptive technologies in our projects (Big Data, BIIA, Advanced Analytics y Data Management).  

Innovation and creativity are key players in solving problems while driving the economic development of societies in a sustainable way. Organisations that innovate the most are those that grow the fastest and thus contribute to the well-being of society. 

Technological innovation and creativity: part of the DNA of Bosonit

One of the pillars underpinning part of Bosonit's success and growth is the way we develop the technological excellence in our services, reinventing the way we deal with projects, with new initiatives specialising in areas of innovation y emerging technologies. 

The technological innovation is part of our DNA and our raison d'être.. We constantly foster our commitment to innovation through our know-how, experience and technical skills. 

Our innovation culture is based on continued specialisation of the people who make up Bosonit, motivating them to leave their comfort zone in search of knowledge, encouraging their curiosity, inquiring, investigating and believing in their ability to contribute to the team. This is our way of pursuing excellence through innovation. 



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