Santiago Murcia

Bosonit People: Santiago Murcia

Who is Santiago Murcia?

Santiago Murcia is a physicist who has been a computer scientist almost since the beginning of his career many years ago. He defines me as a very curious person, which has led him to become interested and specialised in different fields of the Cloud & Devops throughout all these years. Always in constant training, eager to learn and to be able to put into practice everything I have learnt. 

Why did you choose Bosonit to pursue your career?

Well, in my case I think it was a natural step, I come from another company in the Nfq Group. For me, perhaps, in order to be able to continue to develop myself and continue to add value, the logical thing to do was to move to the technology company in the group, to become part of Bosonit. When Manu started to approach me about the possibility of further developing my career at Bosonit and lend a hand in the area of Cloud & Cloud DevopsI didn't think about it too much, it was clear to me. This is what I wanted to do, so here I am.  

What do you think you can bring to the company?

Above all, years. I think that precisely that, the years of experience in Nfq in the group of SolutionsI've been working with them all this time, and that allows me to have a clear vision of how to develop and provide solutions in the area. After so much time dealing with suppliers, with different contacts, I even have friends in several of them and surely all this will help me to have some kind of alliance and make a lot of progress in this area. 

Which of your professional qualities would you highlight?

Qualities? as I said before, I am very curious and that makes me be continuously forming me. I like to keep up to date in areas that catch my attention, I like to learn and be always up to date. I like to look for what's coming next. What's going to be next. These are some of the reasons that push me to keep on doing things, to keep on having enthusiasm and excitement in my day to day. 

What do you like most about your work?

I like to generate debate. All these years with the Cloud & DevOps team that we have at NFQ, we sit down a lot of times to debate, to come up with new ideas, new options. We are constantly reading on the Internet, in forums and thinking about what to do.  

I like the team to come up with options and for us to see the feasibility. Let's see if it makes sense, if we can do some proof of concept and if it goes ahead, perfect, and if it doesn't, then trash it and move on to the next one. 

What do you like least about your job?

(laughs) The thing I like least here is that in summer they don't let me wear shorts to the office. That's at least here in Madrid, to see if I'm going to have to go to Logroño with you to work and there I have more freedom (more laughter). 

Well, apart from various silly things, perhaps the most difficult thing for me, but because it is very tedious, is to document. In the last few years we have had to go through many audits for different issues, the ISO27001... tools that we have as SaaS for different customers and all that documentation is very difficult for me. 

It is a very detailed documentation and they are very long, they are periods of maybe two months for each audit and it becomes heavy. 

What does Santiago Murcia like to do in his free time?

In my free time, which I don't have much of, I have it very clear. For me it's sport, my free time is sport. In another life I was a professional sportsman and I missed it for this one. I like running a lot, maybe it helps me, it helps me to put my ideas in order. Running is being alone, it's a good time to think about a lot of things. 

And that has led me to have run many races, half marathons, marathons. I also like cycling a lot, I enjoy it a lot with my friends and that has led me to do the odd triathlon. I've also done the longest one can do, an Ironman. And well, that's a lot of hours with yourself to think and think about it. 



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