We collaborate with AIER La Rioja to provide technological solutions in Industry 4.0

This week we have joined the Association of Electrical Installers of La Rioja (AIER)as a technology expert specialising in data mining with the platform FIWAVE IoTWe provide consultancy, analytics and development of innovation projects.

The main objective is to provide integral solutions AIER together with installation companies to companies. Solutions with which they can optimise your processesThe development of projects to reduce costs, or to increase the number of products or progress through the development of projects in the area of innovation.

With this collaboration, it will promote actions and projects with its members, establish contacts with entities related to the sector, and attend to the information, training and professionalisation needs of the companies. One of the AIER's main strategic lines of action is the Industry 4.0The aim is to improve the competitiveness of the sector and, ultimately, the social welfare of La Rioja.



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