Three years and counting!

1 July 2015

Yesterday I arrived from London after three years. They have been good years, I've had a good time and I've also managed to save money to be able to realise my life's dream with certain guarantees: Entrepreneurship. It's 9 o'clock in the morning and I find myself at the door of the 20 square metre office in the business incubator that ADER has given us for two years. I look for the key, I have to create my email account and set up the website.

I know that I will probably fail in the adventure but, like Indiana Jones on the last crusade, I have faith and I will not stop until I am broke or Bosonit becomes a reference in Data & Analytics in Spain.

12 May 2016

I'm so nervous. In a little while we have a press conference with the CEO of Qlik and the Manager of ADER announcing that we have reached an agreement with a large software manufacturer. I'm exhausted, it's been 11 months of hard work in which we've set up the goal, laid the turf and got the ball. Thank goodness we also have a good coach to help us score the goal!

We are resurgent. Eduardo, Dani and Antón are here. And they say they don't want bosses. You don't want a cup, so a mug.

31 September 2016

What a summer! We don't stop selling. Eduardo has inaugurated the flat in Madrid, and what a flat it is! He's got the room with the jacuzzi. Soon we will add a chicken coop because it will be too small to compensate.

And Sara LC, Fraile and Ricardo have joined. How many neurons are accumulating in the same place... We have an offer to join Hiberus as a company of the group specialising in Data & Analytics. We voted, close result, but there we go.

27 January 2017

Sara Madariaga, Alvarito, David S., David Carrión, Javi Moreno and Alan have joined the team. In a few days Guillermo, Héctor and Enrique will arrive. This is no longer a team, it's the fucking Dream Team!!!! The last quarter of 2016 has been spectacular. We are growing at the rate of start-up What the hell? And tomorrow we sign with Hiberus, which will allow us to open an office in Zaragoza! Welcome Raúl, Pilar and Nacho. You'll realise what a train you're on.

1 July 2017

We moved from La Fombera to Portales. The janitor says that we're almost ready for an 11-a-side football match. There are 20 of us. The staff is so young that I'm happy when someone with a beard arrives. So what? All our customers are repeat customers.

We have just signed with the UNIR the development of a joint Master's degree in Big DataWho would have imagined that 16 students would pass through the Master's in less than a year?

1 July 2018

You know how they say that when you find the right formula, all you have to do is crank the handle? Well, it's true, that's what we've done over the last year. Work and grow.
Individually and collectively. There are now more than 60 of us. Deep roots support this tree. We have managed to create a system based on meritocracy, where all customers repeat and there is almost no turnover.

And what does the future hold?

Hehehe for the next blog post, which will be at the end of the summer!

Author: Miguel Fernández Morales.



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