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Technology breakfasts: The drive towards digital transformation with Big Data

The digital transformation is a process that you must carry out in your company. It is no longer an option but a necessity. There are many technologies and processes to implement so that your company is digitised according to the needs currently required by the market. One of the essential elements related to this process is Big Data.

For this reason, on 12 February last, in the Federation of Companies of La RiojaIn this technological breakfast, we try to shed some light on the term 'Big Data': trying to define it; explaining why it arises, precisely, in these last few years, where the digital transformation has taken on an indispensable role.

This talk, which lasted about an hour and a half, was given by Iván Gómez, consultant in Big Data at Bosonit. It was designed for all audiences who wanted to know what is the Big DataThe success of some companies in implementing it and the cases in which it is applied.

The following issues were addressed:

  • What is Big Data and what is it for?
  • Why is it emerging now (Chronology and technological factors)?
  • Where is it integrated and/or how does it differ from other current technologies?
  • Use cases and success stories.

What is Big Data and how does it help digital transformation?

This first meeting opened a series of technology breakfasts, where opportunities and best practices in digital transformation are discussed. Important issues will be addressed, such as data analysis and visualisation with Business Intelligence(12 March), or the advanced analytics with machine learning or 'artificial intelligence', as a source of business opportunity (12 April).

This initiative, in which Bosonit participates, is promoted by the Federation of Companies of La Rioja (FER), in collaboration with the Economic Development Agency (ADER) and the Government of La Rioja.



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