Machine Learning and AI

Technological breakfast: Machine Learning and artificial intelligence to predict and improve business processes

Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) have been the protagonists of a new technological breakfast we have imparted at the Federation of Companies of La Riojato bring participants closer to the techniques of Machine Learning and AI and the different uses within the business environment have been presented.

It is becoming increasingly clear that data is key in the development of a business, and as part of the digitalisation strategy, it is key to detect what data brings us value and learn to capture patterns within that data. By doing this exercise, it is possible to have a better understanding of the business and be able to optimise existing processes or create new processes that will reduce costs or increase profits.

Rapporteur: David Santibañez


  • What is Machine Learning and AI?
  • Identify what data can be of value to me.
  • How to apply Machine Learning to the different areas of a company.
  • Success stories.
  • Questions and Answers.

This initiative, in which Bosonit participates, is promoted by the Federation of Companies of La Rioja (FER), in collaboration with the Economic Development Agency (ADER) and the Government of La Rioja.



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