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We are already close to 400 employees!

One of the main values of Bosonit has always been the commitment to attracting talent. Give junior profiles the opportunity to develop hand in hand.

Thus, and in this line, we have welcomed more than 100 students in these last months in internships. Who doesn't know that anyone can work better at what they want? That is what we do with our talent. Always based on their interests, they are introduced to one of the 5 technological sciences that we offer training in: Big DataBusiness IntelligenceMachine Learning, DevOps y Fullstack.

We have new training plans, new technologies, new opportunitiesAnd above all, more than 30 young talents will join the company in September alone, who will soon learn that the most important thing in a company is its good vibes.

? More than 40 institutions (Universities, Vocational Training Centres and Certificates of Professionalism) with which we have signed internship agreements.
? Personalised career plans.
? Ad-hoc training in the most innovative technologies, whatever the area, don't get left behind!

Article by Ana GarciaTalent acquisition & HR Consultant.



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