The Saint Lucia Azure Success Story: POC NAC

We have implemented a solution with Azure to carry out a project for Santa Lucia. In the framework of the Master Plan defined for the Digital Transformation aims to provide the group with the technological and human capacities to meet the business challenges. It includes a line of work aimed at transforming the current financial model by defining a new accounting architecture. In this sense, Santalucía carried out an initiative aimed at defining a New Accounting Architecture (NAC) where the technical and functional foundations of the new accounting architecture were laid. tool which was to support the entity's accounting processes. 

For this purpose, a Proof of Concept (PoC) was carried out with two objectives: 

Solution with Azure

The defined and implemented solution was carried out in Azure using Azure Data Lake Service Gen2 for data storage. Azure DataFactory as an orchestrator of processes defined in pipelines. Databricks as a processing platform. Delta Lake as an open format storage layer. A series of tests were carried out in scenarios where the size of the input data was increased by 2, 4, 8 and up to 16 times the data size defined in the initial proposal.

The results could not have been better, achieving an end-to-end data throughput of 20 seconds per million input records in the most rigorous volumetric scenario (16X). For all of the above, NWorld was congratulated by Santalucía for its successful proposal, both functionally and technically, and for its excellent results.  

Who participated?

For the solution they worked on the functional definition: Elisa Lafuente (Nfq), Camilo José Escribano (Nfq) and in the definition and implementation of the technical architecture: José Manuel Bruzos(Nfq), José Antonio Rodríguez (Bosonit), Marcos Rodríguez Castillo (Bosonit), José Dario Méndez (Bosonit) and David Córdoba Ruiz (Bosonit).



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