Saica Natur

Case study: Business intelligence for monitoring and analysis of Saica Natur

Project based on the development of a Business Intelligence (BI) for the monitoring and analysis of the work reports made by the various Logistics Operators for Saica Natur.

Technologies used for Saica Natur

Data Warehouse: MySQL.
ETL processes: Pentaho Data Integration (PDI).
Visualisation and analysis (BI): Jasper BI.


Monitor spending, improve service quality and optimise routing. CGL is one of the world's leading logistics operators. Saica Natur and offers you this system in (SaaS: software as a service).
By means of a automated ETL processes information is extracted from the operational (transactional) database, transformed and loaded into the CGL-enabled Data Warehouse (multidimensional database) to support analytics. By means of web tools of Business Intelligenceusers, both from Saica Natur and the Logistic Operators it has as suppliers, can visualise and analyse the information through dashboards, predefined reports or ad-hoc queries.

Targets achieved

A series of production, service quality and efficiency indicators were pre-calculated. Logistics Operators only have access to their working parts, with a global level and a more restricted centre level (implicit filtering of data by entity and level). Through ad-hoc views, advanced users are given autonomy to build their own reports. For this purpose, manuals were prepared and training was provided in the use of Jasper.



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