Ruben Cabello

Today we meet Rubén Cabello

Rubén Cabello is the new head of software engineering at Bosonit. Rubén is a computer engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the sector, working on projects in different fields, mainly insurance and technology.

Why did you choose Bosonit to pursue your career?

Rubén Cabello: Although I have developed my career more in the world of consultancy and I have held various management positions, my background is in computer engineering and I have always been in positions and projects that are very close to technology on the more professional side. Given the new situation at group level and the integration between the companies, I believe that my place to develop to the maximum the capacities of both the company and myself is Bosonit.

Technology is my passion. For many years, from a very young age, I have always loved computers and programming. My experience in positions close to business and management has given me another perspective and another background, but I missed more contact with technology.

What do you think you can bring to the company?

Rubén Cabello: I hope to give the best of myself here, which is a bit of the intention that I think we all have when we join a place. I think that in my specific case and given my experience, what I can bring is, on the one hand, the experience of having worked on many large-scale projects and also a bit of that profile or that mix of management and knowledge of technology. But to bring that leadership capacity and to push the development part, to make us grow even more, I mean even more if possible, but always from the point of view of technology, in fact, in my profile of LinkedIn You can see that I finally have this ability to make machines and people understand each other.

I like it when I sit down to talk about technology, which is evolving so fast nowadays, and us now, covering so much technological variety, different languages, paradigms and so on.

I always say the same thing. I am a master of nothing and a learner of much. I always like to tinker and keep up to date in the different areas that make up the practice and development of software. Obviously, as I said, you get older and you've been through a lot of different projects. This will allow me to provide a more global vision

Which of your professional qualities would you highlight?

Rubén Cabello: I would highlight the ability to bring together two worlds, the business world and the more technological world, to be able, having the knowledge I have in technology, to be able to bring that knowledge to profiles that perhaps are not so involved and to make them understand the advantages, disadvantages or certain approaches of a technology.

I would also point out that I am very dusty, so to speak, I always say it like that, I like to touch many areas, to learn about many things.

What do you like most about your work?

Rubén Cabello: Well, I have always emphasised that, in this world of consultancy, services, it allows you to learn many ways of working, many different ways, which help you a lot to keep up to date.

It is also true that at certain times it is also more demanding, but it allows you to meet many, many people, many ways of working, to enrich yourself and not become stagnant, as can happen in other types of companies, I think that is the most beautiful thing about this business, and, if you are restless, it is very easy to be in contact with many things that you would not normally have the opportunity to do.

What do you like least about your job?

Rubén Cabello: Well, without a doubt, meetings. It is a practice that I have been trying to change for years. I have been in a company where the way of working is very "American style", with shorter and more agile meetings. In the end, meetings are very established in large companies and, sometimes, in an excessive and time-consuming way, they are a waste of time.

It is something I struggle with and here I come with the intention of trying to make meetings as agile as possible. I have always liked the work to speak for itself and the arguments to be in the work processes.

What does Rubén Cabello like to do in his spare time?

Rubén Cabello: Here the truth is that I'm pretty standard. I like to be with my family, friends, socialise and travel, although, in the last two years it has been more complicated, but we are getting back to it. I like football very much, I am a member of Atleti, "Cholista convencido".



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