Qlik Sense Cloud Business

Qlik Sense Cloud Business, the immediate cloud-based visual analytics

Qlikoffers its Visual Analytics SaaS solution, available for SMBs, teams and organisations, to create, manage and share analytics in a cloud environment. Powered by the patented QIX associative engine, Qlik Sense Cloud Business provides the scalability and performance of the Qlik Sense platform. Qlik Visual AnalyticsThe effectiveness of which is endorsed by the industry, in an environment of cloud total. Through a lower barrier to entry, thanks to a flexible, low-cost monthly subscription, simplified administration and a complete web experience.

Business groups are increasingly distributed in nature, with teams in different geographies and environments. The ability to maintain a consistent experience from any device, anywhere in the world, ensures that teams can work together quickly and efficiently. "This evolution of needs motivates the replacement of a monolithic solution with Qlik, a microservices platform designed for the Cloudsaid Anthony Deighton, Qlik CTO and SVP of Product. We developed a Business Intelligence We continue to expand the market with the creation of an extensible, user-centric self-service platform, and now we continue to expand the market with the creation of an extensible, user-focused platform. Cloud environmentthat companies of all sizes will be able to use as the cornerstone of their analytics strategy?

A pure Cloud solution that drives data-driven knowledge

With its drag-and-drop interface and state-of-the-art visualisation experience in a responsive HTML5 client, Qlik Sense Cloud Business puts data-driven insight at the fingertips of users and organisations of all sizes. Its intuitive design allows users, regardless of their technical level, to create, manage and collaborate through consistent analytics apps. Responsive design capabilities provide on-the-fly analytics from any device (regardless of size), including touch, drill and other interactions, without the need for additional steps. Because Qlik Sense Cloud Business offers a full web experience, users of all technical levels can get started immediately, while data and applications are readily available and accessible at all times.

In addition, the ability to share (both inside and outside the organisation) apps and discoveries at the click of a button amplifies the value of the data and speeds up the decision-making process. Through visual data preparation, users can combine multiple data sets, from a variety of sources, to quickly create rich, interactive apps that show the full story contained in the data. This user experience is underpinned by Qlik's associative model, which allows users to discover all possible relationships in their data.

Simple, governed collaboration that delivers more value, faster

Qlik Sense Cloud Business includes governance features to enable organisations to deploy and manage a range of analytics apps. For example, Qlik Sense Cloud Business includes:

  • Group Workspace to collaboratively create, edit and access content and apps, enhancing collaboration without limiting flexibility.
  • A Dataset Space to provide data that contains consistent and reusable definitions, speeding up the process of creating new apps, eliminating guesswork in maintaining applications as business needs evolve.
  • A Network Sharing Group to manage multiple shared networks or streams that users are invited to follow, allowing control of which users have access to which applications.
  • Stop waiting, anyone can do it by creating drag and drop visualisations.

With this cloud-based model, organisations can add new users and applications as their requirements change, with the elasticity to support current and future needs. Qlik Sense Cloud Business follows industry security best practices, with all upgrades and infrastructure needs managed by Qlik.



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