Snowflake Partners

We are a Select Partner of Snowflake, one of the leading DataWarehouse cloud platforms in the market.

We at Bosonit are pleased and proud to have become part of the Bosonit community. Snowflake Select Partners. An alliance with which we will be able to boost our scalability, performance and concurrency rates when providing services to our customers in the areas of cloud data architecture.

One more step in our growth to continue offering the best possible service.

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a SaaS platform based on the Data Cloud concept that provides a multi-cluster shared data architecture that allows any type of workload to be run on the same data without changing environment.

Snowflake helps companies consolidate and centralise different data sources into a single analytical repository with no storage capacity restrictions and flexible processing capacity that adapts to workload needs. Both processing and storage layers are independent, providing further cost optimisation as well as flexibility to support business growth and, consequently, the needs around the utilisation of your data.

Benefits of the Snowflake partnership 

Becoming a Snowflake partner brings us important advantages:

  • Work hand in hand with one of the leading data warehouse platforms in the market.
  • To be aware of all the innovations they bring to their product in order to, in turn, offer them to our customers and implement them ourselves.

The value of being a Snowflake partner 

Snowflake is currently one of the cloud data warehouse platforms with a growing market share due to its pay-per-use model, but also because of the advantages it offers in terms of both innovation and performance.

Partnering with Snowflake therefore means establishing a closer relationship with one of the leading companies in its field, which in turn has required us to pass tests and requirements where we have had to demonstrate our technical and business capabilities and the quality of our data analytics-oriented solutions from our customers' perspective.

The road to becoming a Snowflake partner

The path to becoming a Snowflake partner has required going through a strict process of validation of technical and business competencies, as well as the formation of a specialised data team that is immersed in a process of continuous research and development, exploring new techniques, tools and solutions.

We intend to incorporate new certifications and partnerships in the future as a model of specialisation and to enhance our knowledge to help our clients drive their organisations forward.

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