P4P: app management and UX design for clinics and healthcare professionals?

What is P4P?

P4P (Plan for professionals) is a company focused on the integral management of professionals and resources necessary for the daily operation of third parties in sectors that require high specialisation.

P4P was created in response to a need in the healthcare sector with regard to the management of this type of professionals and the difficulty of accessing their availability for companies in the sector. Its technological application provides the sector with a meeting point between professionals and healthcare companies for the common benefit of all actors.

The P4P challenge

The challenge is to create a startup to undertake and launch a new product on the market. In other words, a communication APP for the health sector, which will allow clinics and medical professionals to close agendas to provide service in inter-consultations or interventions, in different locations. In addition, there is a management panel with an Enterprise area to collect and manage data from a single application.?


Roles and competences

Our professionals with a mixed profile have the ability to understand the business and are experts in user experience. They are also capable of translating these requirements into a technological solution. In this way, they act as a hinge between business and technology, an aspect that we consider critical to the success of the project.

Process carried out

A development team and experts in UX/UI design of Bosonit. The team has been working for three months with an expert consulting team in the medical field, holding different meetings for the conceptualisation and development? how:

Targets achieved in P4P



The result, accompaniment of the client throughout the design process, branding and launch of the brand, design and development of the application in IONIC for IOS and Android, backoffice management of clinics and go to market of the application.


This project has allowed us to increase our experience in the health sector, design and development of mobile app on different platforms, as well as branding design and brand launch. An ad hoc solution, with a careful cognitive and visual design, improved user experience and software development, providing end-to-end differential value.



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