New Seville office

NWorld, a business group of which Bosonit is a member, opens its new global office in Seville and completes its commitment to the Andalusian technology and business hub.

The Seville office continues to grow alongside the consultancy firm's existing offices in Malaga and Jaen, from where it provides services for global projects all over the world.

With the slogan ?Global Vision, Local Commitment? NWorldone of the leading consulting brands in the financial sector, formally opened its new Seville office, which now employs 60 people, all of them highly qualified professionals in the world of technology, data and business consulting.

With this new office in Seville, NWorld, a business group of which Bosonit forms part, reaffirms its commitment to Andalusia, which it began three years ago with its Jaén officesThe company has more than 200 highly-qualified colleagues and estimates "to reach more than 500 people who want to develop a global career without leaving Andalusia in 2025", in the words of Manuel Sáenz, partner of NWorld.

New Seville office

Global vision and local commitment is our way of understanding sustainable growth. To grow and make the places where we are present grow, developing talent at source and participating in projects at a global level. This is how we have always done it and this is our commitment to Andalusia," said Lorenzo Viñas, partner of NWorld.

The inauguration of NWorld's new Seville office was attended by high-ranking representatives of Andalusian institutions and the University. Mr. Pablo Cortés Achedad, Secretary General for Research and Innovation of the Andalusian Regional Government wanted to highlight "the attractiveness of Andalusia and Seville for large international corporations in our country, thanks to the unique conditions that exist in our region and our commitment to innovation and the new economy". For his part, the general manager of the Cartuja Science and Technology Park (PCT Cartuja), Luis Pérez, highlighted ?the enormous satisfaction? of welcoming business groups ?of the highest technological level and with a great capacity to create highly qualified jobs? to the site. In his opinion, "NWorld shows, on the one hand, the technological talent existing in Andalusia; on the other hand, the attractiveness of the ecosystem of the park to generate growth strategies based on innovation and cooperation". The director of the engineering school of the University of Seville was also present, as well as other personalities from the private sector.

NWorld's Seville office will provide services to local initiatives and clients, support international projects for entities such as Banco Santander and serve as a hub for generating global knowledge in disruptive technologies with a special focus on the management of smart infrastructures, among others.

New office sevilla

About NWorld

The companies Nfq Advisory, NBosonit and Nforce form NWorld, one of the most important independent international consulting conglomerates in what today represents the new value chain of the post-digital economy, alluding to technology, data, process and business consulting.

The group's value proposition is based on the specialisation of its knowledge and the complementarity of its capabilities, being able to provide end-to-end services in any sector of activity, with a particular focus on the financial, insurance and industrial sectors. NWorld has more than 1,800 employees worldwide and provides services internationally through its offices in Spain, Mexico, United Kingdom, Colombia, Brazil and the USA, with projects in more than 18 countries.

Today, it is one of the leading independent consultancy groups with entirely Spanish capital, and has offices in Spain in Madrid, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Logroño, Valencia, Seville, Malaga and Jaén.



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