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We opened a new innovation office in Logroño

Bosonit opens a new office in Logroño for the Logroño area. The Wick intended for the innovation with a surface area of 450 square metres and a capacity for 100 employees, dedicated to innovation, including research, business accelerator and product development.

The office is already working with teams developing new Elliot Cloud verticals, such as 5G or Big Data, and will have a cybersecurity SOC.

How does a startup accelerator work?

This function is divided into three phases:

Business accelerator

Start-up growth and scaling:

  • TractionWe carry out a personalised growth plan, MVP (Minimum Viable Product), market testing (launch and market testing) and CRO (definition of performance KPIs).
  • Validation: we develop service-product capabilities, business plan (growth), market validation (pivot points) and CRO (measurement and model improvement).
  • Scaling: we consolidate core business processes, mid-long term business plan, continuous improvement models and financing plan.

Lighting the fuse of innovation

Ancillary services that light the fuse:

  • Product designWe develop digital products and services, value propositions and iteration and user experience (UX, UI, methodologies).
  • Technology: we establish systems and architecture, Cloud development and Devops, emerging technologies and cybersecurity.
  • Processes: We take care of administration, recruiting and talent management, operations and communication.
  • Marketing and communicationWe design and develop 360º marketing plans (B2B-B2C).

Open Innovation Community

We bring innovation to society and other business ecosystems.

  • Innovation Hub: we create outreach through open innovation environments where we share experience and knowledge with society, cross-innovation with third party initiatives and links, referring to collaboration with mature companies and institutions with emerging projects.


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