N Games

N Games First Edition: The first eSports tournament for Bosonit

Bosonit, with the collaboration of Capacitanes, the first eSports entity in La Rioja, organised the first edition of the N Games tournament to promote team spirit.


Together with the collaboration of Trainers the first eSports entity in La Rioja, have joined forces to organise the first edition of N Games with the aim of promoting team spirit and work. The N Games will be held on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th March. and in these two The teams of the Bosonit will measure their skills in video games such as FIFA22, Fortnite, League of Legends o Clash Royale in a Team Building Action Framework

With this initiative we promote the generation of relationships in our work teams within the organisation. This type of action is an optimal platform for people in the organisation to get to know each other and share experiences, something that is very necessary in companies with a large number of employees and located in different places. 

The e-sports or eSports continue to grow at a rapid pace in the digital sphere and sports. They are varios the studies published that demonstrate that they are an appropriate tool for developing social, creative, digital and linguistic skills, both on a personal and professional level. This type of initiative creates links, improvesn the communication of los teams and foster a sense of belonging to the community.  

Follow the games live on our Twitch channel.

eSports in the workplace

Career development experts highlight the numerous advantages of eSports for companies. Companies that have implemented video games as a tool to promote the organisation's values have noticed a great improvement in the working environment.

Develop values

In today's companies, it is essential for employees to have skills such as teamwork, problem solving, effective communication, organisation, handling new technologies, etc. E-sports are a way to develop these values and behaviours demanded by the new digital professions.

Increase employability

The labour market is facing a landscape where task automation and robotisation are becoming more and more prevalent. eSports provide the training and skills needed to be a competent worker in companies that are already undergoing a process of digital transformation.

Preparing for VUCA environments

VUCA environments refer to scenarios where volatility, complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity prevail. In this situation, video games test the players who face adverse moments and have to apply actions in which they show their problem-solving skills, their temperament in phases of high tension or other competences that can be used in VUCA environments.

Overcoming challenges

In e-sports, there is always a goal to be achieved either alone or in a team. Players will have to face all kinds of challenges to reach the end of the game. It is during all the difficulties that the participants develop their creativity to overcome the obstacles and, in this way, win. Within the workplace, these behaviours are also focused on overcoming the challenges of the new economy.



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