Tecnun Award

Miguel Fernández, founder of Bosonit, winner of the Tecnun Entrepreneur Award

We are in luck at Bosonit. Our founder and former Tecnun student, Miguel Fernándezhas been awarded the Tecnun Emprendor Award which grants Innovation FactoryThe Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre of the University of Navarra. An award aimed at recognising excellence and entrepreneurship of Tecnun alumni, as is the case of Miguel Fernández, who seven years ago, with the founding of Bosonit, has managed to revolutionise the ICT sector and is currently one of the benchmark technology companies.

Tecnun Entrepreneur Award

A Tecnun award for entrepreneurial work carried out

The award ceremony took place in the context of a conversation between the prize-winner, Miguel Fernández, Álvaro Pipo, also an alumnus of the School and founder of Prosix, y Gustavo Pego, who guided the colloquium. The round table revolved around the reality of entrepreneurship, the value of the client and the need to know the problem well in order to provide a solution. The two shared the importance of knowing the sector well, for which it is necessary to know identify their characteristics and know them in detail. Pego stressed the idea that tackling complex problems and achieving good solutions are necessary capabilities in the value creation process.

Gustavo Pego had before the beginning of the colloquium dedicated some nice words towards Miguel Fernández. The Tecnun Entrepreneur Award recognises the audacity of having identified an opportunity in the field of digital technologies, as well as the generation of economic activity and employment," he says. Gustavo PegoBosonit has created more than 500 jobs in less than six years. Bosonit created more than 500 jobs in less than 6 years and it seems that the growth potential is very significant," he adds.

We are proud that Miguel Fernández's entrepreneurial work has been recognised for the work he has done day by day to bring the company to the forefront. Bosonit as one of the benchmark companies in the provision of services for digital transformation, with the aim of helping our clients to digitise and optimise their processes and maximise their resources through technologies such as Big DataDevOps services, cybersecurityamong others.



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