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Agile Methodologies and IoT, Internet Of Things

Use Agile methodologies The key to a company's leading position in its sector is its ability to make decisions and implement changes. Decisions must be oriented towards continuous improvement, whether in cost reduction or increased efficiency. The creation of new products to meet a new market demand can be an example.

New path of Agile methodologies

Agile methodologies take on a new meaning and dimension when the basics of Agile are applied. IoT. The paradigm of continuous improvement is currently being imposed, the essence of which is that if you want to improve a magnitude of a parameter, you must first measure it. In other words: you cannot improve what you cannot measure.

Industry 4.0 is a hyper-connected and sensorised industry where decisions can be made quickly. In addition, many issues arise in this industry such as:

  • What happens when you have many variables, measurements or history of these measurements?
  • How can we find patterns, deviations, correlations between these parameters?
  • How to measure quantities of different nature, with different protocols, on different machinery and in different locations?
  • How to visualise, interpret and analyse business variables with mechanical or social variables?
  • How do you make important decisions quickly based on what happens in your production?
  • What if you also want to know what is happening in the market to make that decision?

How to address these issues

Nowadays, it is necessary to have mechanisms to help in this process of measurement and correlation. New technologies allow the replication and deployment of cost-effective sensors on a massive scale and the collection of information from different machines, tools and systems.

Today, we have the capacity and the technology to measure a wide range of variables and parameters.

Not only is it possible to measure these quantities, but we can also collect them digitally, process them automatically, translate them into a common language and transmit them securely.

ELLIOT performs the function of the brain of the system, the umbrella that collects this data, and is capable of correlating and determining the degree of ascendancy that some parameters have over others. This makes it possible to store and display the historical data in an agile way and to carry out analytics on them. This can be done by means of novel techniques of Big Data, analytics, machine learning e artificial intelligence.

Thanks to these techniques, it will be possible to detect characteristics such as the seasonality of events and occurrences. In addition, it will also be possible to define alerts that will trigger orders to activate mechanisms and action protocols, among others.

AuthorÓscar Ruiz ChicoteChief Operating Office (COO) in Elliot Cloud.



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