Madrid Tech Show

Bosonit presents its technological solutions and shares its experience in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence at Madrid Tech Show

The director of Data & AnalyticsCelia Lozano, has offered a conference on the experiences with AI on smart campuses and how it contributes to better manage their resources and improve the quality of life of their students.r the life of the university community 


The services consultant of advanced technologies Bosonit ha assisted a the Fair Big Data & AI Worldin the framework of Madrid Tech Show, to present their solutions and share their experience in the sector of the Big Data and the Intelligence Artificial.  

Madrid Tech Show 2022 held its second edition on Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 October at the IFEMA exhibition centre, hosting six technology events in parallel: Cloud Expo Europe, Cybersecurity World, Big Data & AI World, Data Centre World, Technology for Marketing and e-Show?Madrid. 

The technology firm from La Rioja wanted to be present at this event because it is an opportunity to present its technological solutions and to learn about the new products, services and strategies of more than 300 leading exhibiting companies in the IT sector, as well as the success stories of more than 350 national and international speakers. 


Madrid Tech Show

Artificial Intelligence on a smart campus

In one of the exhibition and networking spaces at Data & AI World Madrid, Celia Lozano, the director of Data & Analytics of Bosonit, has given a lecture under the title of  title "Experiences with Artificial Intelligence on a Smart Campus" in which he has explained how Bosonit contributes, through technology, to facilitate the management of resources and improve university life and infrastructures. A Smart Campus is a connected campus, providing a view of people, places and things and how they interact. All of this is recorded through the use of IoT technology. In this way, it is key to learn how Artificial Intelligence algorithms support sustainability by managing resources more efficiently. For example, by understanding how staff and students use space, we can reduce the energy costs that we are so concerned about today," said Lozano. 


Madrid Tech Show


During her speech, the director of Data & Analytics also presented the projects that Bosonit is currently implementing and conveyed this through real experiences of how universities are taking advantage of their locations to promote analytics and applications. 

Also, Celia Lozano has invited the audience to explore the capabilities of the  wireless infrastructure of universities and how this can enable much more than just basic network connectivity. He added: "These innovation projects help the company grow in terms of the kind of solutions we can offer. So, not only are we improving the way we solve problems in prediction, anomaly detection, image detection, etc., but also the latest federated learning techniques are enabling us to offer a much better solution. Even the latest federated learning techniques allow us to share data between people and servers while maintaining privacy? 



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