We are looking for:
Front Architect

Logroño / Madrid

What is BOSONIT and N.World?

Bosonit, is a consultancy of Technological Innovation and Product Development belonging to the N World Group.

We offer comprehensive solutions for consultancy and specialisation by areas of expertise in data and advanced analyticsWe also develop software engineering, implement systems in the cloud and use cutting-edge technologies such as IoT and software robots to automate processes.
We are a team of professionals, committed, responsible, close and competitive, key people in the success of each project and per se, in the growth of our company. We believe in innovation acquired from comprehensive knowledge in technology and science, always applied to the service of the business.

What are we looking for?

We are continuously thinking about our development and we are aware that this is achieved by having the best professionals in each environment, so we are looking for a FrontEnd Architect who is able to work in a dynamic team.


  • In-depth knowledge of Angular.
  • Define, promote and implement the technological, aesthetic and functional architecture principles of the entire web tools layer.
  • Experience in developing applications with complex business logic.
  • Structuring of clean and simple code following style guides and quality standards (code readability, pattern use...).
  • Experience in unit test development and integration (Jasmine, Karma?)
  • Experience in developing microservices/microfronts environments.
  • Experience in development under the continuous integration model.
  • Experience in design patterns and/or clean architectures.
  • Knowledge and experience in asynchronous communication protocols.
  • Concern for performance, optimal execution and experience with caching systems.

We also value:

  • Full Stack experience
  • Knowledge of other frameworks (React, Vue...)
  • Knowledge and experience in deploying applications with Docker
  • Knowledge in devops and continuous integration (Jenkins, CircleCI, Azure DevOps...)
  • Knowledge and experience with agile methodologies.

And what do we offer?

Salary Band: 45.000 - 60.000?

- Permanent employment contract.
- Individualised career plan, with a tailor-made training plan and a real possibility of a long-term career in both management and technological specialisation.
- Possibility of remote working.
- Continuous learning and technological innovation.
- Possibility to travel and participate in international projects.
- You will work in a young team of experts in your field.
- You will have the opportunity to train other colleagues in this and other tools while you will be able to get certified in the most disruptive tools.
- From day one, you will participate in projects for high-impact clients in which we combine our deep technical knowledge and analytical skills, together with knowledge of the sector and the client, both of which are essential requirements for working in the best companies: banks, insurance companies, public administrations, construction and pharmaceutical companies, communications, etc.
- In addition, you must be able to communicate and explain your findings to the client, arguing and defending your analysis.

This is your chance! Join Bosonit and grow.

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    We transmit knowledge.

    Data management, business intelligence, big data, advanced analytics and IoT

    Cloud architectures and tools, microservices, SCM, pipeline design, integration and continuous delivery.

    Data management, Business intelligence, Big Data, Advanced analytics, IoT

    Front and back end development, mobile app, UX UI and business process automation