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The International Women's Day is an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and challenges of women around the world. In the technology sector, there is still a significant gender gap, with unequal representation in leadership positions and a lack of diversity in the workforce. We are working to increase female representation in our organisation and to create a work environment that supports all people, regardless of gender.

At NWorld, we understand the importance of equity in the workforce. Currently, women represent 20% of our workforce, and while this figure is below what we would like, we are committed to continue working towards increasing female representation at all levels of our organisation.

To achieve this, we carry out initiatives and programmes that promote gender equality in a sector with such a wide gap as the technology sector.

  • Opening the doors to the IT world" project: Through our training initiative NxtGenWe promote the inclusion of women in the technology sector with 50% of female participation.
  • Sponsors of CD Bosonit Unibasket: We are committed to the promotion and development of female talent in all possible areas and we support the leading club in women's basketball in La Rioja.
  • We support the European Olympiad for Women in Informatics: We want to increase the representation of women in the IT sector. That is why we support, encourage and promote the interest of the younger generation to focus their careers in the tech sector.
  • Collaboration agreement with ADALAB: We are committed to the development and growth of female technological talent through our agreement with ADALAB, the digital training school for women, to host female talent.
  • We collaborate with TechShessions La Rioja: Our Tech Lead in UX / UI Design, Leyre Gómez, and our Head of Culture, María Díez, actively collaborate with the programme aimed at promoting the role of women in technology communities.

On this International Women's Day, we reaffirm our commitment to promoting gender equality in all areas of life and in the business and technology world in particular. However, there are also many inspiring women who are making great contributions in this field and paving the way for future generations.

The beginnings of women in the IT sector

On this International Women's Day, we have selected a small sample of the women who work in the NWorld group, contributing every day to making a difference for women in the IT sector. First of all, we asked them a question: How did you get into the IT sector?

Jael Zamora, Front Developer Consultant at Bosonit

Jael Zamorais Front End Developer at Bosonit. He began his studies in the technology sector by studying DAW and since his arrival at the company he started his career in the Front Development area.

On how he started out in the tech sector, he says that ?I entered the world of programming almost by mistake. When I finished my baccalaureate I was full of uncertainty at the time because I wasn't sure what to do next. I considered several possible careers, architecture, graphic design, some engineering... but deep down the fear of being wrong invades you and I ended up choosing something that, if I was wrong, at least it would take less time than a career: a higher degree....

Today, that "small mistake" has marked the path and the beginning of her professional career: "When I finished my degree I joined Bosonit, almost three years later I am still learning and improving in this incredible sector. Almost three years later, I am still learning and improving in this incredible sector; starting as just another developer, I have been able to grow into more responsible roles such as team leader, teacher and trainer, and what's still to come! Some small mistakes turn out to be big successes?

Rosa Masferréis Big Data Consultant and head of our office in Valencia. He has more than twenty years as a specialist in banking solutions in Venezuela and in 2021 he specialised in the field of cybersecurity.

He recognises that his first steps in the technological world were "out of curiosity". Although his path into the tech world began almost as a teenager: "I was finishing high school and I borrowed a book on technology and computers that I loved. I was good at mathematical logic, statistics and probabilities, so I enrolled in the School of Computer Science at the Central University of Venezuela to study for a degree in Computer Science? Finally, Rosa wanted to send an inspiring message to all girls and young women who want to investigate and dedicate themselves to the IT world: "Be guided by your heart and insist, persist and never give up".

There is no doubt that as women we can do anything we set our minds to and it is very important that we are part of the progress in this sector? - Leyre Gómez, Tech Lead of UX/UI Design at Bosonit

Teresa Oyagar, Front End Developer at Bosonit

Teresa OgayarHe studied a degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Jaén, through which he joined Bosonit through the company's internship programme. In the company he specialised his training in the area of Front-End Development, which allowed him to learn about the technologies that are being used in real projects in the IT sector.

His arrival in the technology sector was very close to being truncated by following the family tradition of specialising in Law, but the computer science subject in the Baccalaureate changed his mind: "It was in this subject that I realised that I really liked it. I became more and more interested in each class, so one day I asked my teacher what the computer science degree was like and started to find out more. For me, it was an easy decision because it was what I liked and it was worth it because, from the beginning, I was motivated to apply technology to create, solve problems and the creativity that comes with it?

Nuria Herasis Big Data Senior Consultant at Bosonit. In his youth, he was drawn to the world of economics through his university studies. After his first work experience in the banking sector, he decided to reorient himself to the IT sector and discovered that it was what he liked to do: "I needed to refocus my career and I started to study the master's degree in Big Data and Data Analytics. I started at Bosonit, in a very interesting project, and I discovered that the IT world is my thing and I enjoy my work much more since I've been here?

What would you say to those girls who want to go into IT?

Lorena Monasterio, Tech Lead at The Wick

Lorena Monasterio is a Technical Lead at The Wick and studied a degree in Computer Network Systems Administration. She never thought she would go into programming, but "after a degree in web application development and 6 years of experience as a software developer, I can say I was wrong...".

His start in the tech world was marked by working with different CMS but later his career has focused on the DevOps area which has been "one of the biggest challenges I have faced, automating as many processes as possible. Now I am tech lead of two startups at The Wick, which allows me to keep facing challenges every day?

There is still a very limited understanding of what an IT profile is among the general population. I think it's important to get the message across that working in IT is not just about programming with zeros and ones - it's also about the fact that IT is not just about programming with zeros and ones. Ana Sánchez, BI Consultant at Bosonit. 

With experience in the sector as a woman, she sends a message to all those girls and young women: "Don't let gender stereotypes hold you back, with effort, desire and a good attitude you can achieve anything, and if at some point you feel lost or want to throw in the towel, I invite you to seek the support of your female colleagues, because together we can do anything".

Celia Lozano, Head of Data & Analysis at Bosonit

Celia Lozano is Head of Data & Analytics at Bosonit, has more than 10 years of experience in data, statistics and artificial intelligence projects from his PhD studies to the present day helping companies extract value from their data.

Currently, as Celia explained, she is "at the head of a multidisciplinary team in Data Science, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Management. I devise strategies, define and manage a methodology for innovation and development of new machine learning algorithms and apply my knowledge of statistics? In addition, since 2021 he is a member of the Committee of the Spanish Association of Artificial Intelligence.

He is passionate about the enabling power of technology to digitise and transform businesses and is excited about new challenges that help him grow - professionally and personally - and projects that require data science to provide new business insights.

International Women's Day

Leyre Gomez, Head of Design UX/UI at Bosonit

With a long career in the tech world, she encourages girls to "do and study what they love. Mastering digital skills is very important today. In fact, it will become increasingly so in the future for specialist, management or executive positions. Therefore, women with digital skills will have access to quality jobs?

Leyre Gómezat the age of 24, is Tech Lead at UX/UI Design. It was always clear to him that he was going to dedicate himself to the STEM world (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and his path in the technology sector began with his studies in the Web Application Development Degree, choosing to specialise in the field of user experience. A decision based on his passion for analysing digital problems and designing applications to make users' lives easier.

At her young age, she has a message for all those girls who want to dedicate themselves to the IT world: "STEM careers are currently a great opportunity to grow and have projection. The key is to believe in your own abilities, approaching knowledge is one of the most powerful things you can have. Undoubtedly, as women we can do anything we set our minds to and it is very important that we are part of the advances in this sector".

Why do you think there are so few women in the IT world?

International Women's Day

Ana Sánchez, BI Consultant at Bosonit

Ana Sanchezis a BI Consultant at Bosonit, his arrival in the IT world came about "relatively recently, as for more than 10 years I was involved in biomedical research in laboratories", he explained. Despite this, he always liked "the post-experiment work: analysing and visualising the data obtained to make it easier to understand and draw conclusions. So more than two years ago I decided to redirect my professional career towards the area of Data Management and BI, and I couldn't be happier with the decision?

Regarding the low participation of women in the technology sector, she says she believes that ?There is still a very limited understanding of what an IT profile is among the general population. I think it is important to convey the message that working in IT is not just about programming with zeros and ones. There is a wide range of technologies and disciplines in which to develop a career. You need skills in problem solving, process and team management, design, architecture, and even behavioural and emotional analysis?

Olivia Custodiois CyberSecurity Consultant at BugScout, in his youth the areas that most attracted his attention were medicine or architecture until computers appeared in his life. He was passionate about the world of security from the very beginning. I still remember testing software modifications for colleagues and their complaints when I was the one who had to do the testing," he says.

On the low presence of women in the tech world, she says: ?At the University of Seville there were differences in the number of students enrolled in Computer Science. Being part of the Student Delegation at that time, I knew that the number of girls was much lower than the number of boys". Although her presence at the University, nowadays, allows her to see a more encouraging scenario ?I observe that there is no such difference, I cannot give numbers, but certainly there is an increase both in teachers of specific subjects in technology (networks, systems, cryptology, ...) as well as in female students?

Have you ever encountered problems in the IT world?

Carmina Bocanegrais Senior Innovation Expert at Elliot Cloud, studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Malaga and a Master's Degree in Renewable Energy Systems and Environment. In addition, he completed his formal studies with a PhD in Ventilation, Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Comfort Conditions in Buildings at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland.

In my first year of my degree, I started out excited to learn new things, but I was also a bit uncertain about the university world. I had to put up with comments from professors who didn't understand why women studied engineering instead of choosing other, less technical subjects. In this respect, she explained her view: "These kinds of comments are unfortunate and can discourage women from going down this path".

Don't let gender stereotypes hold you back, with hard work, desire and a good attitude you can achieve anything. - Lorena Monasterio, Tech Lead at The Wick. 

For its part, Olivia CustodioShe also shared her experiences in the technology area in the past: "On one occasion, some colleagues complained at a meeting that there was no woman in charge of a product. I had to confirm in the same meeting that I was one of those responsible for the project. I didn't think much of it.

In conclusion, on this International Women's Day, it is necessary to recognise that there is still a long way to go to achieve true gender equality in the technology sector. We must continue to work together to break down remaining barriers and gender stereotypes, and to ensure that all people, regardless of gender, have equal opportunities to thrive in this field.

In addition, this International Women's Day is also a time to recognise the fundamental role that women play in the technology sector and that day after day they leave their mark on the industry and inspire new women to enter the technology sector.

At NWorld, we are committed to diversity and inclusion, and work every day to create an environment that fosters gender equality and inclusion for all people. On this Women's Day, we reaffirm our commitment to continue to move towards a more just and equitable future for all people in the technology sector.



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