Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: FIWARE and Arrowhead as a connecting link

There is no doubt that we are currently facing a change in trend, while historically, work has been carried out in a more individualistic manner, new technologies and new customer needs are forcing companies to change their attitude.

We find ourselves in a world that is capable of generating more than 2.5 billion Gigabytes of data (2017)Since we know the potential that this data can have for the future of a business, there is no company that does not feel the need to carry out projects using new technologies (Big Data, Business Intelligence...)

But it is not always an easy task, the industrial world has always been driven by large automation manufacturers (Siemens, ABB, Schneider?), manufacturers of high quality equipment, but with a major handicap, the use of their own protocols and data structures.

This is the reason why customers demand union, sometimes it happens that the customer feels enslaved to the manufacturer with which he usually works, even rejecting more economically profitable projects due to the impossibility of integration with existing systems. It is the development of a standard to enable interoperability is necessary. between the different systems that make up an installation.

This change in trend is already beginning to bear fruit with collaborative projects, such as Productive 4.0, a project financed by the European Commission. European Union and carried out by universities of great prestige, such as the Swedish Luleå Tekniska Universitet or the Higher Polytechnic School of the University of Mondragón; and with the collaboration of giants in the business and industrial world, such as BMW or ABB, and companies with great expertise in certain fields, such as Bosonit in the world of Data & Analytics.

Bosonit participates in the European Productive 4.0 project to develop a new standard for connected industry

Recently, a new meeting of all the participants in this project was held in Budapest, where we met with great companies working side by side, with a clear mission, the development of this new framework which, together with its integration with FIWARE (the EU-driven platform for the development and deployment of applications for the Internet of the future), will bring major benefits to all its users.

The development of new standards, such as Arrowhead or FIWARE, will greatly facilitate the integration of different systems, as well as the further data analytics and the taking of better decisions on the part of the clients. In this way, the resources that a company needed until now for these tasks will be minimised, and consequently, these resources can be dedicated to other tasks where they are more necessary, producing direct savings and an increase in resource capacity for the company that uses this system.

At Bosonit we have been working for some time now on FIWAVEOur FIWARE-based middleware, so we are now ready to offer our customers future-proof solutions to help them position themselves against the competition.

The Productive 4.0 co-funded innovation project receives grants from the European Commission's H2020 research and innovation programme, the ECSEL Joint Undertaking (project no. 737459).