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How to get your Qlik Sense Business Analyst Certification in an easy and simple way.

Have you thought about becoming certified in Qlik Sense Business Analyst? Our partner, Javier Antón MartínezManager at Bosonit, shares with us all the aspects related to the Qlik Sense Business Analyst certificationRead on!

Is Qlik Sense Business Analyst certification for me?

This certification is suitable for people who have been using Qlik Sense for some time (1-2 years), both as a consultant and as an end-user with technical skills. If you have done several projects with Qlik Sense as a consultant, and you have been involved in all layers of the project, from scripting, modelling, set analysis, design and implementation of dashboards and QMC, I recommend that you also prepare for the certification of  Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification. 

How do I prepare for certification?

If you are a Spanish speaker with a low level of English, what you need to do to obtain the certification en:

  • Begin to read and search content mainly in English.
  • Set the browser to English, so that the hub is in the language.

But now, you may be asking yourself the following question?

What goes into this test?

Identify requirements (23% of the review)

  • Describe how Qlik Sense capabilities can assist in data analysis.
  • Determine which Qlik products and QSE features/methods are needed to meet business requirements.
  • Translating business needs into technical requirements.

Application design (22% of the review)

  • Organise the design of the application to meet the needs of the business.
  • Determine which visualisations meet the company's requirements.
  • Determine the design elements necessary for flexibility, ease of use and maintenance.

Prepare and upload data (25% of the exam)

  • Apply the steps to create the associative data model using the data manager.
  • Troubleshooting data modelling basics.

Developing the application (30% of the review)

  • Configuring dashboards and visualisations to illustrate business information.
  • Apply the steps for sharing business information.

It also shares each point in more detail (this is from older versions, but it's good to get an idea).

Knowledge and skills in the field of examination

Identify requirements

  • Based on the business requirements, identify the Qlik products necessary for the solution (QSE, QDC, QABDI, ODAG, Qlik Core, Attunity, Insight Bot, NPrinting, etc.)
  • Explain the Qlik Sense features (e.g. smart search, responsive designaccessibility features, themes, etc.) and how they affect the design of the app.
  • Describe the differences between the Qlik deployment options.
  • Based on business requirements, identify KPIs, dimensions and measures.
  • Ask the right questions to understand the needs of potential Qlik Sense app users.
  • Identify the types of users and their typical devices for accessing apps.
  • Explain the purpose of APIs, server-side extensions (such as R, Python), Qlik, GeoAnalytics, web mashups, widgets, section access.
  • Explain and interpret the results of the Qlik Associative Engine.
  • Identify the uses of the Qlik Cognitive Engine.
  • Consider performance during data loading and application development (remove unused columns, consider calculation condition).

Prepare and upload data

  • Create a basic data model using the Data Manager (e.g. spreadsheets, CSV, flat files, QVDs, etc.).
  • Define the steps for uploading and associating data
  • Applying filters while loading data into the Data Manager
  • Manually create a data table in the Data Manager (create a load script online)
  • Explain synthetic keys and possible methods of resolution
  • Create data connections of folders and files

Designing applications

  • Based on the business requirements and the desired view, determine the optimal number of charts, the correct chart type and data type. Number of charts, correct chart type, order of dimensions, use of colour and measurements.
  • Design the order of leaves in an application to provide an overall flow that matches the expectations of the user journey (DAR concept).
  • Select the appropriate object types for the required data analysis (e.g. a line graph to show a trend over time).
  • Understand when and why to use an alternative chart recommendation.

Knowledge and skills that are not included in the scope of the test

  • Create data connections to systems/databases (should be able to create connections to files and folders).
  • Create a complex data model.
  • Add calculations to a data model using the data load editor.
  • Create complex formulas.
  • Create complex set analysis formulas (P and E functions).
  • Integration of advanced analytics.
  • Any QMC task, such as publishing applications. 

Final "tricks" for certification

These are some of them end strategies in order for you to obtain the certification in the shortest possible time. These are actions that we have taken and that we recommend to most of our analysts.

  • Review each point in the syllabus, look for examples and carry out practical exercises in order to internalising knowledge (If you are involved in projects with Qlik, it is possible that all parts are mastered). This will allow you to be familiar with the platform and better understand how it works.
  • If you work as a consultant with the script (QlikView and Qlik Sense), review especially the part of the Prepare and Load Data.
  • If you are a consultant and you are not doing pre-sales actions, it is advisable to review all the functionalities that end users use the most, bookmarks, insights and storytelling.

It is also important to review the different graphs that exist and the analysis possibilities they provide.

Qlik Sense Certification

Links that may interest you

These links are recommended in case you want to log in. more in detail and study at least a little before trying it the first time, although if you already have experience, then you can try it and jump in the water without thinking about it.

  • Qlik Community: Here is the entire Qlik community.
  • Qlik Help: Where you can start with Tutorials for Qlik Sense?.
  • Qlik Sense Demo: In this url you can find downloadable applications, where you can see different examples. 
  • Qlik Sense in 60: List of videos from the official qlik youtube channel, where in 60 seconds they show interesting content (some of the content does not apply to this certification). 
  • Post by Michael Tarallo: Community post where @Michael_Tarallo has compiled some very good posts, which apply to different certifications. 

Where to take the test?

From Pearson Qlik you can choose to take the exam remotely or at the available centres. 

Javier Antón MartínezThe Qlik expert tells us that in his case, he has taken exams in both formats and prefers to take the exam in person, as he does not find it comfortable to be with the webcam and have to be very static. 

Other certifications

These are some of the other certifications that Qlik Sense has:

  • Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification.
  • Qlik Sense System Administrator Certification.
Javier Antón

Javier Antón

Business Intelligence Tech Lead at Bosonit

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