The 6 steps to AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

Are you thinking of taking the certificate AWS Cloud Practitioner? Our partner, Francisco Javier Salvado de la Llave, Big Data Engineer at Bosonit, has shared with us the keys to pass the exam in this article: guide, sample test, documentation... don't miss any key!

What is the position of this certificate on Amazon?

Position of this certification among the certifications offered by Amazon (framed in red):

AWS Cloud Practitioner

What are the features of the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam?

  • Duration: 90 minutes.
  • Price at the time I made it (January 2021): 108.90 ?
  • You can do it in person, going to one of the venues, or from home. I chose to do it from home and the experience was good. Just don't be a machine like me and forget your laptop charger in a room other than the one where you are taking the exam.
  • The exam consists of 65 questions and to pass you have to get at least 70% of them right. I recommend that you answer all of them, as the wrong ones do not count against you.
  • Types of questions: multiple choice (four answers and only one correct answer) and multiple choice (two or more correct answers out of five or more answers).

What content comes in?

  • Block 1: Cloud Concepts (26%).
  • Block 2: Security and Compliance (25%).
  • Block 3: Technology (33%).
  • Block 4: Billing and Pricing (16%).

Steps to pass the AWS exam 

  1. Reading of the official guide of the exam.
  2. Take the official basic level course AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials (Second Edition). For this we need to open a free account at AWS training. The course consists of 9 modules with explanatory videos. To find this course quickly, we place ourselves in the official website of the Amazon Cloud Practitioner certification and click below on a button that says "prepare for an exam". Once inside, we open the section AWS Certification Foundational level and finally we enter where it says explore relevant AWS trainings. From there we can enter the online course.
  3. Realisation of test example.
  4. Reading of the official technical document of AWS overview. I consider the reading and understanding of this document to be one of the most important and important key points to pass the certification, as it contains the fundamental aspects of the Amazon cloud and the definition of the different services offered. I recommend downloading the document and using it as a reference.
  5. Keep in mind the table of AWS Support plan comparison.
  6. Taking mock exams. If you do a quick Google search, you can find different websites that contain tests similar to those you will find on the day of the exam.


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